Regular Maintenance
Saturday Nov 13, 2010

Our goal is to provide you with the most dependable and flexible hosting infrastructure in the industry. To ensure the most reliable service, we are planning a maintenance window which may temporarily affect your services. Improvements made in a controllable and pro-active fashion will significantly reduce the risk of unplanned incidents. We appreciate your patience as we make these pro-active changes.

Change Details:
Change ID: 7100304
Window Start Date & Time (24h CST/CDT): Saturday Nov 13, 2010 00:01
Window End Date & Time (24h CST/CDT): Saturday Nov 13, 2010 05:00
Department: Networking
Change Activity Details: We are completing a round of code upgrades on our Internet Border Routers. We will be working on three of these during this maintenance window. ibr01.hstntx2 ibr02.hstntx2 ibr02.hstntx1 Each router requires a reboot to load the new code. To ensure uninterrupted service we will reroute customer traffic around a router before we reboot it. However, we have seen from our previous code upgrades there is a possibility that rebooting/isolating one of these routers will causes another one of these particular routers to reboot unexpectedly. This behavior has been attributed to a bug that is corrected in the upgraded code.
Impact Statement: In the event that one of the 3 routers unexpectedly reboots; some customers may experience a brief period of packet loss and latency, to and from their server. This will be due to route convergence as traffic takes a different path while the router reboots, and then switches back to the original path after the router has come back online. This interval should be less then 5 minutes. However, most customers will not experience interruptions in service while we are performing this work.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Care department through the Orbit ticketing system, Live Support Chat, or by phone at 866-325-0045.

The Planet sent you this email because your contact address is linked to an account in our customer database. This email is used exclusively as our channel for notifying you about critical maintenance issues that may affect your server, and for important company news that could affect your business. For this reason, we do not allow any opt-outs on these notices. You are receiving this note because the message above directly concerns one of your accounts. If you do not wish to receive these important notifications at this address, please update your contact information in The Planet's customer portal.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

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