We have been gathering email statistics from all of our shared/reseller servers for the past month. We are analyzing this data and coming up with new methods to help prevent spam on our servers. We have come up with a list of remote domains that are involved with spamming and are implementing a block of these domains. We are testing this on about 200 shared hosting Accounts. The list of blocked domains is rather small and only contains around a total of 80 domains. To make sure this list remains accurate, we are unable to disclose these domains. If an email is sent or recieved from a domain on this list, the sender of the email will receive a bounced email stating "Sorry you are sending to/from an address that has been blacklisted".

We will be testing this on the first 200 Accounts this week and then if there are no issues, the remainder of the shared servers the following week.

- Label Hosting Staff

Saturday, March 20, 2010

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