What is MX Record

Mail exchange record maps a domain name to a list of mail exchange servers for that domain. Mail exchange" is just another name for the machine whose primary function is receiving and sending email.

DNS uses the MX resource record to implement mail routing. MX records specify a mail exchanger for a domain name. The mail exchanger either delivers it to the individual host it is addressed to or gateways it to another mail transport.

MX records are given a preference value to prevent mail loops. The preference values of a host's mail exchangers determine the order in which a mailer should use them. Mailers attempt to deliver to the mail exchanger with the lowest preference value (highest priority). The most preferred mail exchanger has the lowest preference value. If the highest priority mail exchanger fails, the mailer will attempt to deliver to the next highest priority.

The Mail Exchanger record redirects mails to a mail server.

The format of the MX records is: name IN MX preference host

domain.com. MX 5 ed.domain.com. domain.com. MX 10 conto.domain.com.

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