Do you offer an uptime guarantee?

  • Label Hosting guarantees your website to be online at least 99.9% of the time. If we fail to meet our guarantee and your website is offline (including Ping, HTTP, or MySQL), you will be issued one (1) day service credit for each sixty (60) minutes that your website is offline up to a maximum of one (1) month service credit. For the purposes of our Uptime Guarantee, the first sixty (60) minutes, or 0.1%, of downtime per month are not included in any credit to be issued.

  • The following circumstances are not eligible for credit and are specifically excluded from our Uptime Guarantee: Scheduled maintenance, DDoS or similar attack, hardware failure, customer fault/error, issues with customer ISP, firewall blocks/bans, or any other circumstance beyond our reasonable control. If your downtime/outage is related to any of these circumstances, we encourage you to continue submitting the credit request, as we will review all requests and issue credits as we deem fit for the circumstances. However, we reserve the right to refuse any credit request for any or no reason.

  • While we welcome you to submit uptime statistics from third-party monitoring services such as SiteUptime or Pingdom, we are under no obligation to accept their findings as fact and/or issue a credit based on their statistics. For the purposes of our Uptime Guarantee, the uptime statistics produced by our internal monitoring system will be the only statistics utilized in calculating any potential SLA credit due.

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