How do I change the send or receive port in Outlook or Outlook Express?


(1)  Start your email client program of Outlook, or Outlook Express.
(2)  Under the top menu bar go to the "TOOLS" menu then pull down to "Accounts" and click there.
(3)  In the opened Internet Accounts window click the tab of "Mail" then select the "Email Account" you want to change the ports of.
(4) With the email account selected now, click the "Properties" tab and then click the "Advanced" tab of the newly opened window.
(5)  This opens the  "Advanced" tab window. The default setting of "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" port is 25. The default of "Incoming mail (POP3)" port is 110.
(6) Where the existing number of the
"Outgoing mail (SMTP)" port is or the "Incoming mail (POP3)" port is, change the value there to the correct value. Then click "OK".
(7)  Close any open windows of your email client.
(8)  You are finished.


If this port was not working correctly thru your ISP\'s email servers port you should begin sending or receiving emails now. Give it a try!



Should you have any question/issues contact us through the client area and open a support ticket.



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