How do I add email accounts in Outlook or Outlook Express?

How to setup a new email account in Outlook, or Outlook Express:


(1)  Open your email client program Outlook, or Outlook Express.
(2)  Under the top menu bar go to the "TOOLS" menu then go down to "Accounts" and click there.
(3)  In the opened Internet Accounts window click the tab of "Mail" then click the "ADD" tab then click "Mail".
(4)  This opens the Internet Connection Wizard window called "Your Name".  In this window enter your display name (the name that will appear in your emails "FROM" field. (i.e.; from Sales, or Sales Department) then click "Next".
(5)  This opens a window called "Email Address" enter your return email address (the one that will be returned to you if replied to) the same one then click "Next."
(6)  This opens the  "Email Server Names" window the default setting of "POP3" server should be selected.  In the incoming mail server box, type your default server address (previously supplied to you).  In the outgoing mail server box, type your default server address (previously supplied to you). Then click "Next."
(7)  This opens the "Mail Login" window, type your email account address (previously supplied to you) in the  "Account name" box. Then in the password box, type your password (previously supplied to you). Be sure the box for "Remember password is checked". Leave the SPA un-checked, then click "Next."
(8)  You are finished, click "Finish"


Now you can send or receive any emails with the address you have just entered into your Outlook, or Outlook Express email client.\r\n

Should you have any question/issues contact us through the client area and open a support ticket.



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