How to configure your Microsoft Outlook Express email client to work with your web-based email account

Step 1: Open Outlook Express, and click on the Tools menu. Select Accounts.

 Step 2: Click Add account and select Mail.

 Step 3: Enter your name as you would like it to appear in the From: field of all outgoing mail.

 Step 4: Enter the email address which the others will use to send email messages to you.

 Step 5: Incoming mail server (POP3 server):

Outgoing mail server (SMTP server):

Please, set the SMTP port to 25 or 2525. (Read more about Port 25)

 Step 6: Username: please use the full e-mail account name. Example: instead of you.

 Step 7: Click Finish.

 Step 8: Now click once on the newly created account, and choose Properties. Go to the Servers tab and check My server requires authentication. Please do not use secure authentication as we do not support this method.

If you want the messages to be kept on the server, choose the Advanced tab and check Leave a copy of messages on server, click OK.

 Step 9: You are done!

Note:  Please make sure that you check your incoming e-mail messages before trying to send any. Most servers use the POP-before-SMTP scheme, which disallows sending messages without checking your mail.

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