How do I create Addon Domains?

An addon domain is a domain name that that points to a subdirectory within your account. For example, you may want to point to Addon domains must be registered domain names that you own and configured to point to your web site's servers.

To add a domain to your web site:

Click on the Addon Domains button on the home page.

Enter the domain name in the New Addon Domain field.

Add the directory that the addon domain points to in the Username/directory name field.


Please make sure that you do following when setting up an addon domain name:

1) Before you actually setup addon domain name in your Cpanel make sure
that the DNS for your domain name is pointing to the HostNine
nameservers and that you have given 24-48 hours for the DNS propagation.

2) After step (1), Click the addon domain name feature of your Cpanel and you will find following fields listed there:

1) domain name
2) Username/directory
3) password

1) here you will enter the domain name that you want to setup like

2) here you will give the username for your account. The username that you give here will be the directory created under the public_html folder of your account. For example "coolt"

3) enter the desired password. For example "ts2345"

3) Create the addon domain name. Here you will find that the system has created a subdomain something like Please do not remove this subdomain from your cPanel since this is system created and it's removal may cause addon domain to malfunction.

4) Upload all your addon domain files to following directory:

/public_html/cool/ ( Make sure that you name the main page as
index.htm or any valid file extension)

5) You will now be able to view your site when typed in the browser.

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