which domain name want to prefer?

you should choose domain according to the type of your site.

So you can understand about the type of site from its domain name.

I am giving the list of domain names and use of it so you can choose a perfect domain for your site.


  • .biz - for business use
  • .cat - for Catalan language/culture
  • .com - for commercial organizations, but unrestricted
  • .coop - for cooperatives
  • .edu - for post-secondary educational establishments
  • .gov - for governments and their agencies in the United States
  • .info - for informational sites, but unrestricted
  • .jobs - for employment-related sites
  • .mil - for the US military
  • .name - for families and individuals
  • .net - originally for network infrastructures, now unrestricted
  • .org - originally for organizations not clearly falling within the other gTLDs, now unrestricted
  • .travel - for travel agents, airlines, hoteliers, tourism bureaus, etc.
  • .me -  blogs, resumes or personal sites
  • .co - an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.

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