Pear Modules

The following are the pear modules, These modules are regularly updated as on stable is released.


Archive_Tar 1.3.7
Auth_SASL 1.0.6
Console_Getargs 1.3.5
Console_Getopt 1.3.0
HTML_CSS 1.5.4
HTML_Common 1.2.5
HTML_Common2 2.1.0
Mail 1.2.0
Mail_Mime 1.8.5
Net_SMTP 1.6.1
Net_Socket 1.0.10
PEAR 1.9.4
PEAR_Info 1.9.2
Structures_Graph 1.0.4
XML_RPC 1.5.5
XML_Util 1.2.1

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