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Important Notice:

Our Migrations team offers multiple options to assist you with moving your website(s) from your old hosting account to your new or current Label Hosting account. We offer a variety of free and paid migrations services after signing up for a new account. Please note that neither free nor paid services come with any guarantees, as your websites code or old server may come with settings or requirements that are not available on the destination. We highly suggest checking with your script/web developer before undertaking these services. Though if you'd like your code or sites reviewed, our team is always happy to assist with reviewing this for you. You can have your migration reviewed for a quote or the process started by submitting a ticket to with your old and new hosting information and the details of your request to receive a quote.


Please note that the free migrations services is only offered for "as-is" transfers of your website content and data. Special requests and changes may incur a fee. Our team will be happy to provide you with detailed information regarding this if your request falls outside the scope of the free migration process after the form has been submitted below.

Wait Times:

We would request that you be aware that the migration process may take longer than the average support request. This is due to the complexity of this process, connection speed between your old host and new hosting account, and to ensure that each website is thoroughly reviewed upon completion. While we do strive to maintain migrations times under 24 hours, this process can take 24 to 72 hours or longer.

Please ensure that your old hosting account remains available until the process can be fully completed. If your old hosting account becomes unavailable during the process, we may not be able to complete the process or correct any errors.


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